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Angelika Middendorf and Andreas Schimanski realized numerous projects in Co-Lab since 1996. Their artistic projects focus' the interface of exchange, communication and public presentation to initiate social structures – an extended contemporary concept on Beuys’ social sculpture. In 2003 they started the project '25sec.-': a series of time based portraits consisting of 25 second statements about goal settings, given by representatives of different art & culture scenes, contexts, cities and countries. After completing '25sec.-BERLIN', curated by Rüdiger Lange (2003), and '25sec.-TORONTO', curated by Rhonda Corvese, Toronto/ Canada (2006-2007), they completed the production process of: '25sec.-TAIPEI', curated by Esther Lu (2008) and Fang-wei Chang, Taipei/Taiwan (2009) , and ’25sec.-STRUCTURES’, curated by CTM – Club Transmediale (2009-2010). Furthermore '25sec.-EKATERINBURG'' is in preparation, curated by Alisa Prudnikova, director of NCCA–National Center of Contemporary Art Ekaterinburg/Russia.

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Angelika Middendorf

is a German visual artist based in Berlin. Her 'timebased artistic anthropology' projects explore the impact of high-technology on human perception, concepts of reality, identity… at various interfaces and different (cultural) circular systems, including Treadmills-series (1999-2005) and Odyssey-series (2005-2010). She studied art history, philosophy and anglicistic at the Westfalian Wilhelms-University (WWU), before she began her studies in liberal arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin, and at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris (1995). She holds the academic degrees Meisterschülerin/MFA from the University of the Arts Berlin (1996) and the Postgrad.-Diploma in Media Arts from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2000). PS1 – International Studio Program, New York (2000-2001). Her work has been distinctly awarded and is internationally represented in solo + group exhibitions, and in major collections.


Andreas Schimanski

is a German artist based in Berlin. He works with several media like photography, video, painting and installations, though he is known for his video installations. He studied architecture at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen and continued his studies of visual arts at the University of the Arts Berlin. He graduated as an architect (Dipl.-Ing.) (1991) and holds the academic degree Absolvent/BA (1998) and Meisterschüler/MFA (1999) from the University of the Arts Berlin. His work has been presented in numerous international solo and group shows and he received many art awards, grants and scholarships.