25sec.-Berlin (2003)

In 2003 we developed the first 25sec.-project for Berlin. 25sec.-Berlin developed from our interest in researching and contextualizing the art(crisis) situation in Berlin at that time. We asked art and cultural mediators to discuss their goals in relation to Berlin and the art world. In addition, all participants were invited to support their statement by an object with the intention, to make a link to their discourse and context. The course of the project process already began before the shooting date for the statements. Because the simple seeming question about goals as a positive action in the nearer future not only provides space for critical self-assessment, dreams, visions and utopias, but also involves the backgrounds and contexts of each individual project participant and his/her individual horizon of experience.

25sec.-Studio Berlin, Sabrina van der Ley

25sec.-Berlin Poster / 70 x 25sec.-statements

Media Data: 25sec.-Berlin results in seventy time based portraits x 25sec.-statements:
Tec-Data: single-/ duo-channel digital video, 43min. loop, color, sound, PAL system presentation: site-specific multi-screen installation and/or single channel screening.

Participants: Boris Abel / Barbara Barsch / Leonie Baumann / Oliver Baurhenn / Kathrin Becker / Miriam Bers / Ina Bierstedt / Eugen Blume / Waling Boers / Manuel Bonik / Mari Brellochs / Andreas Broeckmann / Ingrid Buschmann / Bettina Carl / Hans Jörg Clement / Laurie de Chiara / Michael Diers / Knut Ebeling / Christian Ehrentraut / Andreas Engler / Peter Funken / Geoff Garrison / Mika Hannula / Stefan Heidenreich / Peter Herbstreuth / Johannes Hilf / Jens Hoffmann / Susanne Jaschko / Andreas Koch / Johann Koenig / Ulrike Kremeier / Michael Krome / Tobias Kuttner / Rüdiger Lange / Matthias-Felix Langner / Heimo Lattner / Friedrich Loock / Alena Meier / Friedrich Meschede / Mic Mikina / Nina Mücke / Sönke Müller / Carola Muysers / Christian Nagel / Lise Nellemann / Edmund Piper / Ursula Prinz / Angelika Richter / Timm Ringewaldt / Jan Rohlf / Eva Scharrer / Britta Schmitz / Christian Schneegass / Berthold Schneider / Thomas Schulte / Remco Schuurbiers / Mathias Siebert / Martin Städeli / Michael Thoss / Ute Tischler / Alexander Tolnay / Sabrina van der Ley / Nicolai von Rosen / Claudia Wahjudi / Antje Weitzel / Mirjam Wenzel / Ulf Wetzka / Axel John Wieder / Angelika Wieland / Barbara Wien / Veronika Witte / Katrin Wittneven

The filming unit was realized in a temporary 25sec.-studio, hosted at gallery Kuttner Siebert, Berlin.
At the premiere exhibition all seventy video-portraits were presented in a site-specific 2-channel screening, alternating between two monitors to underline the shift from statement to statement, extending into the gallery space.
25sec.-Berlin was commissioned and curated by Rüdiger Lange. Premiere exhibition at guestroom / loop – raum für aktuelle kunst, heeresbaeckerei kultur Berlin, May 17 - June 7, 2003.
Many Thanks to Rüdiger Lange, director of loop – raum für aktuelle kunst and guestroom, heeresbaeckerei.kultur.
Special Thanks for the generous support of the project partner and to all 25sec. participants. Project support by Siemens Art Program; Verein zur Förderung aktueller Kunst Berlin e.V.; Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V.; kuttnersiebert Gallery – host of studio25sec.; Albrecht Kunkel

Picture Atlas

at gallery kuttner siebert 2003 at gallery kuttner siebert 2003 guest./loop-raum für aktuelle kunst guest./loop-raum für aktuelle kunst duo-channel installation, 2003 duo-channel installation, 2003 GAK Bremen 2003