25sec.-Structures (2009/10)

Videostill Wolfman Band

To be a lone wolf... or is it indeed better to howl with the wolves? The question is seldom posed as to one's professional goals – or rather: what are the utopias, visions or dreams of professional work? Asserting a conviction against the will of the majority in the knowledge that one is doing the right thing? Or, orientation towards similarity, and howling with the wolves? Precarious employment requires making decisions and using one's imagination, especially in cultural fields, whether as artist, curator or organizer. This CTM-initiated video portrait presents 46 short 25-second statements, sometimes casually thrown out, sometimes carefully considered visions of participants and visitors from CTM.09. Festival participants from the fields of music and (media-)art make statements on their professional goals.

Videostill Goodiepal

In the festival context of Club Transmediale CTM_09, we realized the filming unit of a new episode of the 25sec.-project dedicated to perspectives on the festival theme STRUCTURES.

The filming unit took place in a temporary 25SEC.-studio, hosted by CTM.09: STRUCTURES – Backing-up Independent Audio-visual Cultures, at KKB–Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, 23 January – 1 March, 2009. The premiere installation of 25SEC.–STRUCTURES was exclusively presented in CTM.10: OVERLAP – SOUND & OTHER MEDIA at HBC-Berlin, 29.01.–07.02.2010.

Media Data: 25sec.-Structures results in forty-six time based portraits x 25sec.-statements
Tec Data: duo-channel digital video, 28'15 min. loop-sequence, color, sound, PAL system
Presentation: site-specific time based duo-channel installation

Participants: Jean Arnaud / Richard Barbrook / Jens Balzer / Heike Baranowsky / Bogdan (Frank Bogdanowitz) / Stefan Bedke / Kyd Campbell / Philipp Danzeisen / Jon Dickens / Lucky Dragons / Jason Forrest / Volker Grassmuck / Goodiepal / Maya Gordon / Adrienne Goehler / Martin Howse / France Jobin / Ilan Katin / Hicham Khalidi / M.E.S. Koolen / Marika Kozla / Gerda Leopold / lizvlx (uebermorgen.com) / Ninon Liotet / Christian Mix-Linzer / Bjørn Melhus / Susanna Niedermayr / Jaroslav Petrik / Michael Riemel / Natalia Romik / Otto Rössler / Niklas Roy / Remco Schuurbiers / Olivier Schulbaum / John Sinclair / Caspar Stracke / Andreas Studer / Kuba Szreder / Tim Terpstra / Chun-Chi Wang / Eric Wahlforss / Herwig Weiser / Miriam Wenzel / Wolfman Band / Alena Williams / Peter Zuiderwijk /

The premiere of the final version 25sec.–Structures took place at CTM.10: OVERLAP – Sound & Other Media at HBC, January 29 - February 7, 2010 DISK/CTM.

Huge thanks to the whole Club Transmediale Team (especially Oliver Baurhenn, Jan Rohlf, Remco Schuurbiers, Carsten Stabenow, Tim Tetzner, Konstantin Lom, Jennifer Eiffler), supremely for the generous support of all, to enable the filming unit in our temporary 25sec.-studio, hosted by CTM.09: STRUCTURES – Backing-up Independent Audio-visual Cultures at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, January 23 – March 1, 2009. Further production process could be realized with kind support of Karin-Abt-Straubinger-Stiftung. The final process and premiere installation of 25sec.-Structures in 'CTM.10: OVERLAP – Sound & Other Media' at .HBC could realized with generous support of DISK/Club Transmediale Berlin.

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