25sec.-Ekaterinburg (2006-)

The idea to develop a 25sec.-Ekaterinburg project in Russia came up, when we met Alisa Prudnikova for the first time during her research in Berlin in 2006.

In November 2007 we have been presenting the introductory exhibition 25sec./PROLOG, organized by Alisa Prudnikova, NCCA Ekaterinburg in cooperation with art gallery and the Ural State Gorki University, in support of the Goethe-Institute Moskau. Related venues included a master-class workshop and lecturing about our artistic discourse and co-lab practise (November 16 -19, 2007).

Alisa Prudnikova: "Due to the uniqueness of Ekaterinburg geographical location, this city may be simply designated on the map as an intersection of Europe and Asia. Moreover, it is Russia's industrial centre. These features may also serve as a basis for a special approach to the cultural representation of the city. A regional identity in art may be rooted in historical traditions and myths, but in its contemporary form it takes shape under the pressure of social, economic and political circumstances. The cultural wealth of Yekaterinburg is comprised of a concentration of different contemporary artistic practices which aim to present the city as the third capital' (after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg); at the same time they remain deeply rooted in tradition.

The "25sec." project hope could stress and analyze the situation in the city - very controversial in it's "hybrid" identity engendered by our territory's quality of being a border-line contact and conflict zone that combines local and global features. After Berlin and Toronto, Yekaterinburg becomes the third city in the project with another background and another mentality and with a big amount of complexes concerning it's status. "25sec." will be a great opportunity of representing a certain scanning of the current contemporary art situation. That is so important for current situation of transformation from industrial to cultural landscape."