25sec.-Taipei (2008-9)

Esther Lu invited us to initiate the third 25sec. project, to research and contextualize the present and future art situation in Taipei. In cooperation with the curator, and a growing network out of TAV, we were inviting a cross-section of local arts and cultural mediators, to develop a 25 second statement on the question: What is your professional goal and thoughts in relation to Taipei?

25sec.-Studio Taipei at TAV

Esther Lu: "25sec. will be a dear gift for Taipei to illustrate a complementary vision to share and anticipate as a social mapping, a personal / professional engagement and relation, a discourse in conversation, where we may find our history knitted with the context of multi-faces. This realization may in turn reveal the difference between tolerance and respect, generosity and exchange."

25sec.-Taipei installation view at TFAM

Review (excerpt) 'Whose Exhibition is This?' by James Donald in: Frieze Magazine, December 2009. '25 Seconds in Taipei (2008–9), comes from Angelika Middendorf and Andreas Schimanski’s 2008 residency in Taipei’s Artist Village, during which they interviewed 41 people from a broad range of artistic disciplines and backgrounds. Each interviewee was asked to take 25 seconds to describe aspirations and thoughts regarding their own work. The subjects explain their individual satisfactions and frustrations derived, yet, when placed in the context of the exhibition, their words take on new meaning, speaking not for themselves as individuals but the social consciousness toward the state of art in Taiwan as a whole.'

Media Data: 25sec.-Taipei results in forty-one time based portraits x 25sec.-statements.
Tec-Data: duo-channel timebased installation, 25’54 min. loop, color, sound, subtitles English/Chinese, PAL system premiere presentation: site-specific duo-channel screen, installation with platform 'Floating Island' in 'WHOSE EXHIBITION IS THIS?', curated by Fang-wei Chang, TFAM – Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, September 19 - November 22, 2009

Participants: Ashley Chang / Chia-jung Chang / Fang-wei Chang / Yu-ling Chuang / Hsin-chun Chen / Amy Cheng / Meiya Cheng / Sean Hu / Joanne C.W. Huang / Lan-ya Huang / Ming-Chuan Huang / Angela Hsin-yi Hung / Florence Sheng-chieh Hsu / Kiney Lai / Pei-yu Lai / Ying-ying Lai / Kuomin Lee / Yong-Ping Lee / Michael Li / Hongjohn Lin / Esther Lu / Robin Ruizendaal / Sean Scanlan / Larry Shao / Jin-Hua Shi / Charlene Shih / Margaret Shiu / Jason Su / Yaohua Su / Takahiko Suzuki / Wei-ling Tu / Eric Tsao / Pu Tsong / Jun-jieh Wang / Pei-Hsu Wang / Chien-Wei Wu (Ah Wei) / Dar-kuen Wu / Jack T.H. / Pu Tsong / Jill Yang / Adnan Yildiz

The filming unit of 25sec.-Taipei has been completed during our A.I.R at TAV–Taipei Artist Village. Beside presentations of our co-lab practice and previous projects, we included the temporary 25sec.-studio as a work-in-progress part to our exhibition Parallel Times at TAV Gallery. 25sec.-Berlin and 25sec.-Toronto were presented in the exhibition Good Gangsters in Town at TFAM–Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and our P.O.P installations. Many thanks to Esther Lu, independent curator, for her supportive enthusiasm to enable the filming unit of 25sec.-Taipei, supremely for the fantastic support and assistance of all, who made our production at Taipei Artist Village possible, namely Yaohua Su, Jill Yang and the team of TAV. Special thanks: 25sec.-Taipei filming production unit and our participation in 'Good Gangsters in Town' in 2008 could be realized with generous support of TAV–Taipei Artist Village, ifa–Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., and Cultural Affairs Department of the Berlin Senate. Further production process could be realized with kind support of Karin-Abt-Straubinger-Stiftung. The final process and premiere installation of 25sec.-Taipei in 'Whose Exhibition Is This' could realized with generous support of Taipei Fine Arts Museum Taiwan.

Picture Atlas

Whose Exhibtion Is This? in: Parallel Times at TAV Taipei poster / 41 x 25sec.-statements including P.O.P and 25sec.-projects /TAV Gallery, June 2008 Parallel Times, TAV gallery Network Architectures/P.O.P objects in Parallel Times, TAV Gallery work-in progress exhibition