25sec.-TRAMP (2008)

In the context of the European research based project TRAMP we realized an artistic video-portrait about goal settings of persons, who theoretically and practically initiate future-oriented intergenerational models for communication- and interaction in order to initiate a mobile and cultural exchange among the generations. The video portrait 25sec.-TRAMP was created as an in-process and impulse-giving snap shot in the framework of the TRAMP project’s first phase. Participants of the TRAMP workshops were interviewed, taking place in Dortmund and in Hamm in September 2008. Representatives of different generations and ethnic backgrounds were asked about their individual aims concerning the topics Elderly People – Mobility – Europe. The protagonists make their individual 25 seconds long statements from different cultural points of view. The result 25sec.-TRAMP shows the diversity of perspectives.

25sec.-TRAMP Participants / 25sec. statements by: Ruth Brand (AGE – European Older People's Platform) • Jürgen Lange (Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS) • Charlotte Weiler (Féderation seniors de Moselle) • Joël Jamet (Culture et Liberté) • Jan Jarolímek (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) • Yana Boureux (L’outil en main) • Peter Rose (Regio Guides) • Franz-Josef Jelich (Ruhr-University Bochum) • Barbara Kröger (Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS) • Irmgard Zardonella (GEFAS, Austria) • Klára Nehodová (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) • Marc Pietrasch (Elisabeth-Lüders vocational college Hamm) • Katharina Kandetzki (Elisabeth-Lüders vocational college Hamm) • Helmut Beyerlein (AGE/SchuB Hamm) • Regina Schumacher-Goldner (VHS Hamm and Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS) • Grades 6a+b: Sandra, Alexa, Tobias & Kevin (Harkortschule Hamm) • Ursula Mecklenbrauck (Harkortschule Hamm) • Bernd Richnow (AGE/SchuB Hamm) • Marie Kostolná (ASCR / Klas) • Till Meinelt (Wilhelms-University Münster; intership at AGE-office Hamm) • Ursula Henning (AGE Hamm) • Uwe Wehrs (AGE/SchuB) • Milena Svobodová (ASCR / Klas) • Jürgen Gerbracht (AGE/SchuB) • Ludmila Špa?helová(ASCR / Klas) • Christiana Lütkes (Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS and AGE Hamm) • Dominique Weber (Culture et Liberté) • Christina Ruta (Ruhr-University Bochum) • Fabien Vagner (Culture et Liberté) • Jasmin Null (Elisabeth-Lüders vocational college Hamm) • Kv?tuše Hán?lová (ASCR/Klas) • Raymond Ducrocq (L’outil en main) • Bronislava Udržalová (BTS) • Dorothea Kirschke (Elisabeth-Lüders vocational college Hamm) • Vladimír Lindner (ASCR / Klas) • Marcela Lálová (ASCR / Klas) • Fred Kunstmann (AGE Hamm) • Michelle Jandke (Elisabeth-Lüders vocational college Hamm) • Pierre Kirscher (L’outil en main) • Olga Ny?ová (ASCR / Klas) • Jacques Roze (L’outil en main) • Grades 1+2: Karim, Tim, Kai, Murat, Niklas, David, Justin, Melissa & Louise (Harkortschule Hamm)

Media Data 25sec.-TRAMP results in forty-two time based portraits x 25sec.-statements.
Tec Data: DVD, single-channel digital video, 30'min. loop, color, sound, PAL system

25sec.-TRAMP is an artistic project within the research project TRAMP. The project is funded by European Commission, DG Employment, social affairs and equal opportunities / ENEA

TRAMP-Project partner&institutions: Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NW (DE); Workers' Samaritan Association (CR); German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations, BAGSO (DE); Culture et Liberté (FR); GEFAS Association for promoting gerontoloy and the studies of senior citizens at Graz University (AS); Ruhr-University Bochum (DE); Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague (CR);

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